Super Oat Flour/Swallow (250g – Carton)


ELKRIS SUPER OAT is your unique kind of Oat flour tailored to guarantee your healthy living.

  • Zero Cholesterol
  • It is high in dietary fibre
  • Contains lots of protein
  • Low in fats & sugar.
  • It is smooth and digests easily
  • Packs a lot of moisture and energy.

Apart from all these benefits, ELKRIS SUPER OAT flour has multi-purpose uses.

  • As ball food (swallow) with your favorite soup.
  • Made as porridge (pap) and taken as a breakfast cereal.
  • Excellent for baking your pastry- snack, cake, cookies & biscuits.


Made from grounded Oat in the UK and packaged here in Nigeria, Elkris Super Oat flour will keep you fill yet light enough to go back to work or bed after a sumptuous meal whether cereal for breakfast, swallow for lunch or confectionaries for dinner.



  • Mix required quantity of Elkris Super-Oat with little amount of water in a bowl to form a smooth thick paste.
  • Pour paste into boiling water and then stir.
  • Gradually add more Elkris Super-Oat and stir until preferred texture.
  • Reduce Heat and allow to cook for 2 minutes.
  • Then serve with a soup of your choice


  • Elkris Super Swallow is made only from organic white whole oats, grown and milled to maximize its natural goodness
  • Elkris super oat has been further fortified with extra “Beta Glucan” which makes it twice as effective against diabetes, high blood cholesterol and weight loss.
  • Nutritional VALUE PER 100 GRAMS ENERGY – 390Kcal, BETA GLUCAN – 8.5g, INSOLUBLE Fibre – 6g, CHOLESTEROL – 0.0g,  SODIUM – 2g, PROTEIN – 11.0g, SUGAR -0gW.
  • Whole oat meal Helps to reduce blood sugar. Helps to reduce cholesterol level.
  • Easy to prepare. Easy to digest. Delicious taste.

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