High LDL cholesterol is a major cause of coronary heart ailment. In the US, it influences almost 94 million people. One in two adults over the age of 50 suffers from it. Most doctors quickly prescribe drugs like statins for reducing cholesterol.

A Potent Food-based Opportunity

However, a brand new research discovered a powerful food-based opportunity for the millions of Nigerians impacted. Those worried about developing new problems from the intake of drugs would gain the most from this.

A magazine about nutrition published the outcomes of the global researches. The Mayo Medical Institution in Rochester, Minnesota hosted these researches. Richardson Centre at the college of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba also hosted another.

Decreasing Bad Cholesterol with Meals

The research tested that for many people a “food as medication” method can be as powerful as medicines. It reduces cholesterol without necessarily the need for drastic lifestyle changes.

“Based on the results visible in our research, the use of this form of meals as a medicine method expands the options for scientific professionals and patients,” stated Stephen Kopecky, M.D, FACC. He is a heart specialist and Director of the Statin Intolerance health facility at Mayo Medical Institution. “Many patients unwilling or unable to take statin pills can now receive help in tackling their excessive cholesterol, or hyperlipidemia. This is with a realistic primarily meal-based intervention.”

By replacing a little of what hyperlipidemic patients were taking as food – Step One Foods – a two times a day diet, with food products like Elkris Super Oat Flour & Instant Plantain Flour customized, but unprocessed, to help decrease bad cholesterol, research students observed fast and particularly tremendous cholesterol discounts. In the end, participants noticed an average of 9% lower bad cholesterol in less than 30 days. A few also experienced more than 30% drop in cholesterol.

Solely Food Weight Loss Program

In the course of this intervention program, individuals were fed a collection of solely meals-based snacks from Step One Foods, inclusive of chocolate bars and smoothies. The researchers used real and unprocessed elements like walnuts, oats and green plantain, good for decreasing bad cholesterol as the ingredients to make the foods. These sampled meals had been specially formulated to supply a nutrient compendium of complete dietary fibre, plant sterols, ALA omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. These individuals followed the instructions to eat those snacks in the place of their regular meals. This helped to apprehend the foods’ impact on lowering cholesterol.

The researchers also compared Step One Foods with comparable leading grocery shop brands branded “better for you” foods. Each individual participant consumed these main brands for 30 days to understand their effect on lowering LDL cholesterol. Consequently. they found that no discounts have been visible at the stage of the study when they took the ‘better for you’ branded products.

Studies like this underscores the impact of packaged highly nutritious unprocessed foods on reducing bad cholesterols. There are really few companies in the world into packaging fibre-rich foods without any further processing. Examples are Step One Foods and Elkris Foods. Elkris Bio Health Foods is based in Lagos Nigeria and produces Super Oat Flour and Instant Plantain Flour. Take both to reduce LDL cholesterols.