Elkris Yummy Shallow is made using only 100% healthy dehydrated yam tubers, cassava goodness extract, and above all Beta-Glucan extract from organic grains.|
Yummy Swallow is 100% free from artificial ingredient.
Beta Glucan: The beta Glucan in Elkris Yummy Swallow is a certified diabetes/cholesterol regulatory ingredient.

  1. Mix required quantity of Yummy Swallow with little amount of water in a bowl to form thick paste.
  2. Pour paste into boiling water and start to stir, quickly.
  3. Gradually add more yummy swallow flour until preferred texture.
  4. Reduce heat and allow to cook for 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. Mould and wrap to retain warmth; then enjoy with a delicious soup of your choice. Yummy all the way!
  • Carbohydrate(%):73.28
  • Energy: 371.36
  • Beta Glucan (100g): 3.2g
  • Calcium (100g): 57.14
  • Protein (%): 6.87
  • Crude Fibre (%): 6.70
  • Iron (100g): 1.54
  • Gluten (%): 0.00