The International Day of Happiness was instituted by the United Nations Organization and since March 20, 2013, it has always been celebrated to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. Overall well-being leads to happiness. Elkris Super Oat is synonymous with healthy living; healthy living is an integral part of overall well-being and it is in line with this that Elkris Super Oat flour wishes to identify with Nigerians and the world in general in marking today as the International Day of Happiness.
Elkris Super Oat is from the stable of Elkris Foods Nigeria Ltd which was incorporated in 2012 but kicked off operations in 2014. The company is positioned as a significant player in the flour space, championing the production and packing of healthy alternatives for the Nigerian populace and the world at large. Elkris Super Oat Flour is the flagship brand, produced in the United Kingdom and packaged in Nigeria.
It has zero cholesterol, contains lots of protein, and is high in dietary fibre. It is also low in fats and sugar, smooth, and digests easily. The health benefits of Elkris Super Oat are not in doubt and in fact, you can “eat your way to better health with Elkris Super Oat”. A healthy person is a happy person and that is why Elkris Super Oat strongly identifies with this day…the International Day of Happiness.
But most importantly, Elkris Super Oat Flour has multi-purpose uses and that is what really makes it quite unique. You can use it as your ball food – swallow with your favorite kind of soup. You can also use it as your breakfast cereal and you can use it to bake your pastries such as cake, biscuits, cookies, bread, and lots more! These multi-purposes uses further add to your happiness because you have a variety of options with Elkris Super Oat Flour. With Elkris Super Oat Flour, there is really no dull moment! It comes in 650g, 1.3kg, and 5kg sizes respectively.
So let us celebrate and be happy!