Elkris’ Contribution towards Fighting Diabetes in Nigeria

We are in Partnership with “Stop-Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Nigeria”
Elkris is founded on a long term corporate commitment to help bring about a tangible reduction in the rate of Diabetes in Nigeria.

That’s why Elkris donates N50 for every carton of Elkris SuperOat Swallow sold, towards reducing the rate of Diabetes in Nigeria. We thought one of the best ways to fight and help to reduce the rate of diabetes in Nigeria is through National Awareness Campaign.

Stop-Diabetes Awareness Foundation is a national awareness campaign platform dedicated to help mobilise massive awareness against the increasing rate of diabetes in Nigeria.

Through our partnership with the Diabetes Awareness Foundation, we aim to help push back the accelerated rate of diabetes cases in Nigeria! In the pursuit of the above, Elkris has taken on the full financial responsibility for a long term Nationwide Diabetes Awareness/Education Campaign Platform, as well as a free nationwide diabetes check-up programme, under the auspices of the National Diabetes Awareness Foundation of Nigeria. That’s why Elkris Nigeria has pledged N50 on every carton of Elkris Super swallow sold, towards the fight against Diabetes and Cholesterol, throughout Nigeria.

Our Long term contribution:

  • To help and rescue at least 100,000 pre-diabetics (every year) from becoming full diabetics
  • Educate at least 200,000 Nigerians on Diabetes and its prevention, every year

Provide free diabetes check-up to at least 100,000 less privileged Nigerians, every year