Elkris Bio Health Food Nigeria Limited, an indigenous health product manufacturer, has launched Elkris Super Oat, a well-researched food product and an alternative to starchy food that offers healthy dieting to Nigerians who love swallow food.
Speaking at the product launch held recently at Radisson Blu Hotel Lagos, Elliot Omose, MD/CEO, Bio Health Food Nigeria Limited, said the product was born out of the needs to address the health challenges of diabetics and prostate cancer, which many Nigeria are grappling with. He explained that the increasing cases of diabetics and prostate culminate in starchy food which most people consume daily.  “Elkris Super Oat product is aimed at improving the health of Nigerians by tackling diabetes and prostate cancer which many people are suffering from today because Elkris SuperOat have the potential values to transform the diet culture of Nigerians”, he explained.
Top among the reasons health-conscious Nigerians should switch to the super oat, according to Omose include; its 100 percent per unit natural food, non medicine, not food supplement, pure and organic, not grown with GM technology, made from premium-grade whole oats, offers double fibre, safe, and healthier alternative swallow.
Further reasons why one should switch to Elkris Super Oat swallow, according to Omose, are; because it has been clinically proven to help regulate blood sugar in diabetics and non-diabetics, long term. It regulates blood cholesterol over time. The product regulates blood pressure, when used both at breakfast and swallow. It has proven to be helpful in bringing down bulging stomach and waistline. The International Institute of Epidemiology also found that the special ingredients present in Elkris Super Oat reduced risk of cancer and the product is sure-fire guarantee against constipation or heart-burn.

Also speaking at the launching, Gbega Oluwofode, chairman, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter, testified that Elkris Super Oat product is good. “Elkris Super Oat tastes so superbly. It goes with almost every Nigerian soup. It is more economical to afford. Elkris SuperOat is very good for diabetic patients; there is good meal in Elkris SuperOat”, he endorsed.

Jessy Nwakwo, president, Lagos State Dietician Association, commented that, “Life is a variety and you are what you eat. What we eat contributes to our health challenges. Elkris is gluten free, it is naturally based. The oats it contains are not grown with the aid of fertilizer.”

Olajide Mosobalaje, the company’s marketing manager,  said Elkris can be purchased at all cities across the country as the product has been in Nigeria for about a year now while undergoing market research to ensure public acceptance.

The highlight of the launch was the unveiling of Bukky Wright, a Nollywood actress, as the brand ambassador of the product.